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The Nature Conservancy Messenger Bag

Normally I just throw away all of the random inserts that say “please donate to our cause and we will send you things, but really it’s about you helping out with *insert cause here*.” Normally I don’t think twice about doing so. Back in March, The Nature Conservancy sent me free address labels, which I will always happily use, but won’t buy, because – jeez, my fingers aren’t broken, I can write out my address myself.

This time, they were sneaky. Let me start out by saying this – I hate purses. Up until about four months ago, I didn’t carry a purse unless I was dressing up fancy, which didn’t happen often. I was, and still am at heart, a wallet on a chain girl. If it can’t fit into my pockets and isn’t a book, I don’t need it. But I also did not want to keep carrying around a giant diaper bag when diapers just were not needed anymore. So, I switched to a purse. And in that purse were toddler clothes (in case of accident – spill or otherwise), snacks, juice pouches, my wallet, sans chain, bandaids, neosporin, chap stick, kleenex, napkins, and the general mom detrius. “This is how it starts,” I thought to myself.

Still – I hate purses. I hate the fact that they don’t stay put, that you have to keep track of them, etc. I like book bags. Book bags hold books. I tried that for awhile. Kept putting books in, didn’t have room for the toddler stuff. And then this came in the mail, with those address labels.

Well, even if you get them at a thrift store, it’s paying too much for a purse, in my opinion. This – this was like a smaller book bag, and it was long, and looked durable. Having already blown this much on a terrible black bag at a thrift shop, because I am still super against the idea of a purse, I decided why not? This has aspects that I like – it’ll hold a drink, it’ll hold toddler stuff, and it won’t whap around and hit me in the face when I bend over, or fall to the floor when I reach to pick something else up, etc. Let me first say that 6-8 weeks was a big ol’ fib. They cashed my check three days after I mailed it, in March. Last month I tried contacting them to ask the status. No response. So, I chalked it up for a loss and went on with my day. It’s tax deductible, what do I really care about $15 bucks three months ago, right? I forgot about it. The piece of paper stayed in a pile of crap that was to be dealt with eventually on my desk. And then two days ago, the Nature Conservancy magazine showed up in my mailbox. Turtles. Turtles are big in this house. So that was cool. I figured okay, they must have run out, which it said was a possibility, but I get a consolation prize of a magazine that will be cut up for summer fun. And then yesterday, the bag showed up. So – four months later, not two, and I did end up getting the bag.

It’s big enough to fit three hardcover books. It’s got a pouch for a drink on the side, a pocket on the flap, and it hangs down to my butt, where it stays out of the way, and it bounces like my wallet chain did, so I know that it’s there.

It velcros shut over another front pocket that’s the perfect size for a camera.

And the top underneath the flap zips shut, making it a great theft deterrent. It’s also waterproof. It’s long, real long, so everything lays nice and flat. It’s comfortable. It’s durable. And it is “toddler proof.” Now that’s something I can get behind!

So, if you see an advertisement for The Nature Conservancy in your mailbox, and it offers you the chance to get this bag, I say go for it. If I get another “offer,” I’m going to get one for mom too, because this is perfect for outdoorsy stuff. Just expect it to take longer than it says on the slip by twice, and you’ll be just fine!

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