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Blue Spider’s Attic June 2017 box review

Blue Spider’s Attic was a new subscription box for me last month. I became immediately enamored with it and I have to consistently stop myself from ordering another one time box – I typically go and look at their store several times a week – I kid you not! I am trying very hard to behave. This was my second month getting their subscription box, and I am hooked. Totally and completely hooked.

The box is $21.99 with $7 shipping. The tagline for the company is “The magic of a used bookstore, delivered.”

In case y’all haven’t figured it out by now, this has to be my favorite box, and has been for several months now. It’s always phenomenal. It always delivers, always. The value, the utility, the fun, it’s all there. This is a unique box, you guys. Unique!

This month’s theme was Poseidon’s Posse – keep in mind that the theme is primarily for the items, less so for the books themselves – I say this in advance to clear up any confusion.

But, enough of my blathering, on to the box! (So you can see for yourselves!)

Blue Spider’s Attic uses a plain cardboard box with stickers with their name plastered on them all over the box. Tastefully, sparingly, but all over the box – you can’t look at the box without knowing who it’s from. The box does the job of a box. It lets you know what you’re getting and it protects the goodies inside. Very durable, these boxes are. I’ve only had one come damaged ever. When they get here, 99.99% of the time, they look brand freakin’ new. If you’re a fancy box person, you may not appreciate the look of this box, but as a person who is concerned with the inner goodies, I appreciate the cardboard!

When you open up the box, this is what you’re going to see – more stickers! 🙂 And a lovely presentation of all of the goodies carefully wrapped in tissue paper, of course!

After not so carefully opening up the tissue paper (can’t help it, got excited, I make no apologies for tearing into this like a kid at Christmas), the first up was the info sheet.

The basics are the same – you’re going to receive three used books, tea or coffee, various goodies, and at least one bookmark. The goodies will be related to the theme, the books are in the genre that you chose at sign up.

First up in the box after the info sheet was the lip balm. This one’s called Mermaid’s Kiss, and it comes from From the Page. The Etsy store charges $3.50 per lip balm or offers a 3 for $10 deal. There are some pretty clever names. They sell candles as well. I can’t vouch for their other products or scents, but I really liked this one. It was a little melty when it got here, but it is summer well, things like this happen in transit. Cooling it off re-solidified it nicely. (Translation: I stuck it in the freezer.) It’s coconut scented, and reminds me a bit of Lip Smackers back from when I was a kid – except its better quality!

As we have established, I am neither a tea nor a coffee person, but I have my subscription set to tea, because even though I do not like tea, when I am sick I will tolerate tea. I mostly give away the tea, but I do like to have some on hand just in case I get sick. This box had a sample of “AstroloTea.” It came with its own tea bag. This made it instantly intriguing for me, as I have never made a tea bag. I tried. I failed. I pulled out the string. I put the tea back in the ziplock bag. I have one of those little ball thingys that you put the loose tea in, should it be needed. But this was a super fun thing to try. I’d like to try it again, hopefully without pulling out the string. I’d be quite content if this was included in another box. I want another shot at this!

It’s summer. It’s funny, you know. School’s out and elder child is not having an easy time with that. She needs her routines. So I pulled out the coloring books. Elder child took some, little bit took the rest. I have a few on a shelf waaay up high, but no more adult color books. This happened the day before, the literal day before this box showed up. And lo! What do I see? A coloring book just for me! One that I do not have to share. One with turtles and fish and other generally awesome stuff. This made my day. Genuinely. 46 tear out pages that are designed for framing. I doubt I will frame my coloring, but it’s a great color book, and I was feeling rather down about throwing my color books on the pyre that is summertime boredom. I’m hoarding this one for myself.

And a set of miniature colored pencils to go with it!

Next up was the bookmark (I love that there’s at least one in every box), the business card (which I either give out or use as a bookmark, depending on the situation – that’s right, I promote this box in person and not just online, and just because it’s that freaking awesome!), and a sticker. The sticker went in the pile for little bit as soon as she’s willing to show interest in the sticker album that I’ve acquired for her. I still have my sticker album from when I was a kid. That’s right you guys – Michael Jackson stickers and unicorn stickers, with some obligatory Lisa Frank. I was rockin’ it, lol. Anyway, I had fun with my sticker album, so I have been slowly putting together the stuff for little bit to make one of her own. Elder child was not a fan of this concept. Here’s hoping little bit will be.

And here’s the back of the bookmark, just in case you were curious!


Then – a surprise! Something else to unwrap! Seriously – felt like a kid at Christmas. This tissue paper never stood a chance. I barely was willing to take a picture before tearing in.

A wooden bookmark with a Jacques Costeau quote on it. Isn’t it lovely?!

And the back:

Last, but certainly not least – on to the books! Package 1 included a single book. As always, they’re in these lovely paper bags made to look like old time newspaper. I keep these bags, I reuse these bags. Literally everything in this box is handy.

The first book was by Summer Wood. Titled Raising Wrecker, I was intrigued. This isn’t a book I had heard of before. The cover looks interesting (Yes, I judge, and you do too – at least I admitted it!) The book is set in the 1960s and it chronicles the story of an uncle’s family raising the child after his mother goes to prison. It’s not my usual fare, but I will give it a shot.

The second bag held two books:


You read that right – Ellery Queen! I loved, loved, loved the Ellery Queen mystery magazine growing up. I’d get them from the used book store, or the library sale cart, or a garage sale. They always had excellent stories. This one is a two book omnibus, including The Spanish Cape Mystery and The Golden Goose. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this one, figuratively of course. The second book is by Denise Osborne. The title: A Deadly Arrangement. The tagline: Happiness. Harmony. Homicide. WOOT! If that doesn’t sound like a wonderfully cheesy murder mystery, I don’t know what does! As a bonus, it says that it is book 1 in a new series. So, if it is as great as it sounds, I know what I’m going to be buying. Tell me this doesn’t sound like great cheese – just tell me! From Google Books “Feng shui practitioner Salome Waterhouse can spot a bad vibe from a mile away. Usually a simple rearranging of a room can patch things up. But occasionally, she has to delve a little deeper… In A Deadly Arrangement, the first book in the series, Salome inherits her grandfather’s infamous Perfume Mansion, a place stinking of bad energy. She chooses to rent it out to artist Palmer Fordham. But before she has a chance to apply her feng shui principles, she finds Palmer dead. Now, Salome is the prime suspect in the wrong place at the wrong time. Talk about bad feng shui…” HA! This is going to be amazing!

And last, but most certainly not least, we have a shot of all of the goodies:

Long story short, this box is amazing. It’s my hands down favorite. The value is oh so very worth it, and the box is wonderfully curated. You couldn’t ask for anything more!

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